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Radiant Li is a 3D modeling program designed to be simple and powerful. Create 3D models block-by-block as if using LEGOs® or playing Minecraft™ or create and use patterns of blocks or imported STL files to make modeling even faster.

Experiment with Li Basic for free and save your creations as Radiant files. Li requires either OS X (10.6 or later) or Windows (Windows XP SP3 or later), at least 1Gb of RAM, and a graphics card made since 2004.


Try Radiant Li Basic for Windows or OS X for free.
Read the license.


  • 0.5mm (~0.02”) voxels
  • 150x150x150mm (~6x6x6”) modeling volume
  • Individual voxel editing
  • Import STL objects or copy existing voxels as patterns
  • Rotate, scale, place, or remove patterns for fast modeling
  • Extrude faces
  • Bucket Fill an area with the selected material
  • Automatic updates
  • Multiple material support (.Radiant files only)

See Li in action

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