• From prototype to product

  • Multiple printheads

  • A new way to 3D print

The future is looking bright.

3D printing shouldn’t be about making the printer work. It should be about realizing your ideas as rapidly as possible. Radiant Fabrication was formed in 2011 to do this by making 3D printing technology accessible, reliable, and fast through a combination of unique hardware and software.

2895 Commerce Park Dr
Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53719
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Our Team

Todd Bakken

With over 30 years experience developing products for research, consumer, and professional applications, Todd is shaping the Lionhead’s hardware. He can frequently be found at Sector67 honing his craft.

Kevin Harris

Having developed software from debuggers to educational video games, Kevin is contributing to Li and writing the Lionhead’s firmware. He cultivates his team spirit on the Fields of Justice.

Charles Heidenreich

Experienced design engineer, manager, and entrepeneur, Charlie drives the Radiant's business development. When not chaufferring his kids around he can be found playing games with friends.

Nathan Patterson

After leading work on award-winning educational video games and contributing to 3D printing research, Nathan divides his time between software and hardware development. You may seem him running in the wee hours of the morning.

Nathan Schumacher

After collaborating on and 3D printing parts for over 200 medical device projects at the Morgridge Institute for Research, Nathan leads the Lionhead’s hardware and electronics development. He is a connoisseur of fine brats and even finer beer.

Raven BPVS Patterson

Having mastered the arts of vigilance and barking, Raven prevents woodchucks from entering the offices. When not running, she enjoys napping.